AIMK Consulting Incorporated has the flexibility to tailor the development process to meet and exceed your project needs.  We are able to support a multitude of different methodologies.   You can bring your own or we can provide options for you.

We encourage an agile approach which increases collaboration and decreases the amount of time for our clients to see actual results.


Our people are experienced with a multitude of programming languages, for example, C++, C, SQL, Perl, Shell, Python, Java, Java EE, Assembly, Fortran. We use various development tools and IDE, for example, Eclipse, Git, CMake, Subversion, CVS, Make, Automake, Autoconf, etc. We write programs relying on SUS/POSIX/XSI API and industry standard libraries such as C++ STL and Boost.

In our programs we employ advanced technologies like multithreading, multiprocessing, IPC, distributed transactions and networking.

We also can install, configure, deploy, and manage software development tools and their artifacts.


When applicable, we use cryptography algorithms to protect data in transit and at rest. We implement appropriate application cryptosystems utilizing popular libraries, such as Botan and Bouncy Castle. Some examples include secure document storage and single sign on.

We also can install, configure, deploy, and manage cryptography application and their artifacts, such as certificates, token, key stores, etc.


In addition to physical servers and workstations, we support various virtualization, container, and cloud technologies.

While our primary choices are Amazon Web Services and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and Cloud Computing software, we also work with other solutions, for example, VMWare ESXi.

Disclosure - we are APN Consulting Partner and Red Hat Technology Partner.


We can install, configure, deploy, and manage various flavors of Linux and Unix, for instance, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Fedora, AIX, Solaris, HP/UX, FreeBSD.

In the case of Red Hat Enterprise Linux machines, we suggest using Red Hat Satellite deployment tool.

Disclosure - we are Red Hat Technology Partner.


We do database development, primarily RDBMS, such as Oracle, MariaDB, MySQL, PostreSQL, SQLite, Informix, Sybase using popular APIs and libraries like OCCI, JDBC, ODBC, SOCI, and ODB.

We can install, configure, deploy, and administer database servers and databases.


We support traditional and cloud applications. Some examples are web applications, such as Google G Suite, website protection systems, such as CA SiteMinder, ticketing systems, such as Redmine or Trac, identity management systems, such as FreeIPA, and scores more.


We design, build, and maintain attractive, affordable, and professional websites for businesses.

We take care of website hosting, security, content management, and programming. We help with search engine optimization (SEO), improving your website rankings in search engines like Google, Bing, and many others.

While our preferred website technology is WordPress, depending on your business requirements, we can build websites in partnership with SaaS content management systems (CMS) providers, for example, Squarespace, cloud hosting, traditional hosting services, or even on client premises.

Network Technologies

We support numerous network applications, technologies, and protocols. It includes such devices as routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, and such technologies as bonding, bridging, and VLANs. We can manage LAN, SAN, and Infiniband.

Our people have advanced experience in many network protocols, such as HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, SMTP, NTP, SNMP, NFS, DHCP, iSCSI, NIS, LDAP and correspondent network applications, such as Apache HTTPD, Bind, Sendmail, Postfix, NFS servers, etc.

We work with multiple clustering technologies including highly available and load balancing clusters.

Red Hat Partner

As Red Hat Partner, we can help you to acquire, install, configure, deploy, and manage Red Hat software and solutions.

Red Hat Linux Platforms includes Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Satellite, and OpenStack Platform.

Red Hat JBoss Middleware includes Red Hat JBoss Application Platform, Web Server, Data Grid, Developer Studio, Operations Network, FUSE, AMQ, Data Virtualization, 3scale, BDRMS, and BPM Suite.

Red Hat Virtualization is a complete enterprise virtualization management for servers and desktops on the same infrastructure.

Red Hat Cloud Computing includes Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure, Cloudforms, OpenStack Platform, OpenShift, Certificate System, Directory Server, and Cloud Suite.

Red Hat Storage includes Red Hat Gluster Storage and Ceph Storage.

Red Hat Mobile Application Platform offers centralized control of security and back-end integration, collaborative app development, and a range of deployments that increase the speed of app integration with enterprise systems and delivery.

Red Hat Management includes Red Hat Satellite, Cloudforms, Ansible, and Insight.